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    Monets and Oil Paintings Highlights:

    The charm of oil painting is that the painting has the potential to grow infinitely. In other words the painting is BUILT through the layering of paint. The layering is what makes the painting interesting to look at and to visually explore. The colours and textures that shine through from underneath witness its journey and grant it its unique make up and its depth. The more layers are added the more alive a painting can become. Technically you can start by using a light base of acrylics...


    Art Posters Print News:

    National homepage (The New Zealand Herald)
    Tue, 02 Jan 2007 16:32:57 GMT
    * A home to renovate, extend or rebuild in order to create the palatial fantasy of your domestic dreamscape.

    Edmund Tijerina: Grammy bash will feature artwork of Marshall High graduate (San Antonio Express News)
    Tue, 02 Jan 2007 04:49:54 GMT
    Even though the Grammy Awards aren't until next month, there's already a San Antonio winner. Or at least a significant local connection.

    Whirlwind life Exhibit casts light on the dazzling Josephine Baker (Louisville Courier-Journal)
    Sun, 31 Dec 2006 11:02:53 GMT
    The clean light of Paris loved Josephine Baker, and in the 1920s she turned that metropolis into her own revolving feast. The powerful and sometimes haunting imagery from her Paris days (and much more) dominates a new exhibition of drawings, prints, posters, photos and memorabilia at the National Portrait Gallery. Showing through March 18, "Josephine Baker: Image and Icon" is aptly titled.

    Marine authors comic (Potomac News)
    Tue, 02 Jan 2007 02:34:15 GMT
    Decked out in full battle gear, the lieutenants had their weapons set to fire. The air was hot and sticky, the tension was high. With faces camouflaged to blend with the environment and properly concealed behind walls, the Marines were ready to do battle - against each other.

    Should we still be in Iraq? (Ridgecrest Daily Independent)
    Tue, 02 Jan 2007 04:46:06 GMT
    With everything that's been going on in our country, should we still be trying to save Iraq or should we be concentrating on saving our selves?

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