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    Monets and Oil Paintings Highlights:
    There is a huge range of acrylic paints. When you are just starting to buy your painting equipment it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the choice.However when you?re beginning with acrylic paints here?s a few things that will make your choice of paints a lot easier.One feature of acrylic paint is that it dries very quickly which can a blessing when you are ready to tidy away. Or a curse if you don't know how quickly it dries and it ruins your...
    "Solitude" portrait oil painting It is said ... sometimes....less is more. This painting has been admired by so many, because of the simple lines and limited colors... I have painted many paintings before, yet this particular painting has received more compliments then any other. 39" by 55" done on a wrapped canvas http://judywalston.blogspot.comAbout the Author BA degree, from New Orleans, now live in Alexandria, La. Majority work done in oils, acrylics,pencil and clay. artwork... portraits, sea and landscape, abstract,drawing of hands, babies, sculpture, bookbinding and much more.



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