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  • Art Reproductions, Painting Reproductions
    Fine Art Reproductions, Oil Painting Reproductions of Old Masters - Hand Painted ... reproductions " you will never miss any detail of your art reproduction " ...
  • Art Reproductions Fine Art Oil Painting Reproduction, Portrait Oil Paintings .
    Offers Art Reproductions Fine Art Oil Paintings Reproduction, Hand Painted Portrait Oil Paintings. ... Visit our Gallery for Reproductions Art! ...
  • Art Reproductions
    Fine art reproductions of old photographs, pictures, paintings, posters, and woodblocks. Themes include the Wild West, Native Americans, Harry Houdini, mining camps, ...
  • Art Unframed
    Offers a range of reproductions of artworks, as well as commissions.
  • art reproductions
    Reproduction paintings, created in oils on canvas by professional copy artists. ... Art Reproduction & Oil Portrait Specialists. View over 23,000 paintings from ...
    Specializes in handmade reproductions. Browse oil paintings by artist, movement, or theme.
  • Eleganza Ltd.
    Reproductions of sculptural masterpieces and classical Greek vases.
    Offers oil painting reproductions and portraits for the interior design of a home or office.
  • Island Art Publishers
    Publishing, marketing and distributing fine art reproductions.

    Monets and Oil Paintings Highlights:

    The charm of oil painting is that the painting has the potential to grow infinitely. In other words the painting is BUILT through the layering of paint. The layering is what makes the painting interesting to look at and to visually explore. The colours and textures that shine through from underneath witness its journey and grant it its unique make up and its depth. The more layers are added the more alive a painting can become. Technically you can start by using a light base of acrylics...


    Art Reproductions News:

    Authenticity in African Art at Kent State University Museum (Art Daily)
    Sat, 30 Dec 2006 23:12:38 GMT
    Object Lessons: Authenticity in African Art. KENT, OHIO.-

    A Road Through History, Paved in Spanish Tile (New York Times)
    Tue, 02 Jan 2007 05:27:00 GMT
    Islamic, Christian and modernist influences all come together in this show at the Queen SofĂ­a Spanish Institute in Manhattan.

    2006 / The Year in Arts and Entertainment / Art (San Francisco Chronicle)
    Sun, 31 Dec 2006 08:16:26 GMT
    HIGH: "Monet in Normandy," Palace of the Legion of Honor (June). A show whose contents surpassed its obvious crowd-magnet function to reveal struggles within the work of a great painter on the cusp of modernism. LOW: "Matthew Barney: Drawing Restraint"...

    INSPIRED ART (Columbus Ledger-Enquirer)
    Sat, 30 Dec 2006 08:04:38 GMT
    The father cradles his son's head in his arms. The son wears a bit of a surprised look on his face. The father's face nearly shouts compassion. The Prodigal Son story, one of the most oft-quoted from the New Testament about welcoming home a wayward child, comes into full relief in a portrait by Richard Serrin of Italy, who visits Columbus next week for three talks about his art and his life.

    Honor Bound (Tucson Weekly)
    Tue, 02 Jan 2007 17:52:00 GMT
    A famous samurai tale is immortalized at the UAMA

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