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  • Painters and Limners in the 19th Century
    ... lacked the resources, however, they might hire a travelling limner to paint a ... Explore the Village Meet the PeopleOutreach Programs Research FacilitiesTrades ...
  • Wikipedia: Painter and Limner
    ... Painters are recorded from 1581 onwards, and the post of Painter and Limner was ... The Painter and Limner is a member of the Royal Household in Scotland. ...
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  • Limner at AllExperts
    Limner is a term applied to the art of untrained and unnamed painters of the ... an "ornamental and sign painter" or "limner" who practiced "Military, Standard, ...
  • Limner: Information from
    Limner Limner is a term applied to the art of untrained and ... and sign painter" or "limner" who practiced "Military, Standard, ... about Limner ...
    ... anonymous and often itinerant painters, particularly portraitists, of the 17th and 18th cents. ... painting--the Schuyler Limner, named after one of ...
  • Early American Colonial Painters
    The better painters went on to paint portraits of rich ... Sometimes a limner painter would paint a picture of a person and a background without the face. ...

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    "Solitude" portrait oil painting It is said ... sometimes....less is more. This painting has been admired by so many, because of the simple lines and limited colors... I have painted many paintings before, yet this particular painting has received more compliments then any other. 39" by 55" done on a wrapped canvas http://judywalston.blogspot.comAbout the Author BA degree, from New Orleans, now live in Alexandria, La. Majority work done in oils, acrylics,pencil and clay. artwork... portraits, sea and landscape, abstract,drawing of hands, babies, sculpture, bookbinding and much more.


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