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  • Painting: Tips, tutorials and how-tos - Acrylic, faux, oils ...
    Underpainting - Oil Painting Techniques & Oil Painting Supplies ... John Lovett, Artist (painting instructions, watercolour lessons, notes on design & more) ...
  • Free Oil Painting Instructions | Online Lessons & tutorials
    Free step by step oil painting instructions and tutorials from experienced artists.
  • Oil Painting | Books, Videos, CD-ROMS | Low Price Instruction
    Oil Painting - Low price instruction: Oil Painting. Books, videos and cd-roms at online low prices.
  • Painting Tutorials and Resources for Artists
    Demos by Jason Morgan -- These demonstrations are very thorough and provide painting instruction from start to finish. Brushes for Oil Painting -- Jason ...
  • Craft Site Directory - Decorative Painting
    Features easy to follow woodcutting and painting instructions. ... specializing in teaching decorative arts, with an emphasis on acrylic and oil painting. ...
  • Oil Painting Techniques: Books: Harold Speed Oil Painting Techniques: Books: Harold Speed by Harold Speed.

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    The charm of oil painting is that the painting has the potential to grow infinitely. In other words the painting is BUILT through the layering of paint. The layering is what makes the painting interesting to look at and to visually explore. The colours and textures that shine through from underneath witness its journey and grant it its unique make up and its depth. The more layers are added the more alive a painting can become. Technically you can start by using a light base of acrylics...


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    Immigrant worker conundrum (Columbus Telegram)
    Tue, 02 Jan 2007 13:04:08 GMT
    Well, we have finally been slapped in the face by a reality we all knew: many buiness concerns, meatpackers large among them, depend on illegal immigrant labor. And now, we're in a fine kettle of beef.

    Lust for Line: Van Gogh Drawings (American Artist)
    Sun, 31 Dec 2006 18:05:01 GMT
    In April 1888, two months after he relocated from Paris to the town of Arles in Provence, Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) reported to his brother Theo about his latest drawings: “These drawings were made with a reed sharpened the way you would a goose quill; I intend to make a series of them, and I hope to do better ones than the first two.

    Northeast/Central weekly calendar (El Paso Times)
    Fri, 29 Dec 2006 07:13:31 GMT
    All calendar items are in El Paso unless otherwise stated. While it is unlikely groups and organizations will meet on New Year's, they are listed here to reflect regular meeting place and time for those interested.

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