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The charm of oil painting is that the painting has the potential to grow infinitely. In other words the painting is BUILT through the layering of paint. The layering is what makes the painting interesting to look at and to visually explore. The colours and textures that shine through from underneath witness its journey and grant it its unique make up and its depth.

The more layers are added the more alive a painting can become.

Technically you can start by using a light base of acrylics if you want the first layer to dry fast. In case you prefer to keep the painting purely oil based use thinners to accelerate the drying process. Only hint what you want to show, use thick brushes, remember your painting will grow as you go along.

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With the next layers you can add more and more definition to the shapes and forms with colour and your brushes may become thinner.

If you don?t like thinners then leave a day or two between the steps to allow the top layer to settle and dry a bit which will prevent smudging.

As you build, you may want to try glazing and observe what it does to the effect of your image.

If you like you can try and shift the perspective by turning the painting around and around as you work with it, this will give you a new and a fresh view. Remember you are the one who breathes live into your work.

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Corina Ildiko Enczmann is a gifted artist whose diverse range of original oil paintings stimulate the senses and create a sense of aesthetic appreciation rare in someone whose full body of work is still to be realised. Explore her original work of art at:

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