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    Monets and Oil Paintings Highlights:
    Oil painting involves the use of oil paints in making quality pieces of art. Oil paints are used in painting. The paints are available in a wide range of brands and colors. Basically, the process of oil painting should be fully understood so as to get a hold of a beautiful outcome. For so many people, the process of oil painting is easier said than done. But if you know the detailed procedure on how to make oil paintings on canvas, then it would be...
    The properties of the various solvents and resins used in an oil paintingSolvents are added to oil paints for temporary change, they are designed to work in a way such that they evaporate consistently and completely as the oil paint dries. (Technically, the more correct term is diluents, as not all are solvents, but it's not the term very commonly used.) Solvents are also used to soften resins, making mediums, cleaning up, and also for cleaning brushes. It is very essential to use solvents in...



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