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Oil Painting Reproduction: Adding an Extra Spark to the Ambience

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Magnificent oil paintings always add an extra spark of elegance to the overall ambience. Good paintings go a long way in defining the character of a specific place and add a certain amount of style and distinctiveness to it. Art lovers crave to possess and display the original oil painting masterpieces as a part of their lifestyle, but many of them are unable to do so. Original oil paintings are difficult to acquire and most are not even available for sale. It is only through oil painting reproduction that we can buy a near perfect replica of the painting of our choice.

It is true that most replicas fail to match up to the distinct brilliance of the original piece of art and thus the process of a good oil painting reproduction is a rather challenging one. Oil painting is a superior form of art and only highly skilled artists can do justice to its reproduction. The process of replication starts off with the choice of a proper painting surface. The most preferred oil painting surface is canvas, however depending on needs; artists do prefer other surfaces like linoleum, wooden panel, cardboard and pressed wood. The painting initiates with the canvas being stretched across a wooden frame followed by an application of gesso layer to isolate the surface from the acidic properties of the paint.

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The artist then sketches the outline based on the original oil painting. Next follows the application of pigment that is usually mixed with linseed oil. Some artists may also use some other oils like walnut oil, poppy seed oil and safflower oil for this purpose as different oils generate different effects in the painting. However, the artists can also use branded tube paints for painting purpose.

The paint is often applied on the canvas through a brush. The quality of an oil painting depends a lot on the kind of brushes that are used to create the desired effects. An oil painter may even use a palette knife having a flat metal blade as a painting tool. The painter might use any object whatsoever that he believes will help in generating the desired output. They can use tools like rags, cotton swabs, sponges and may even use their fingers on the canvas to add a distinct touch to the art. The painting is applied in layers and each coating is applied only after the preceding layer has dried up. This process is continued till the oil painting is reproduced completely.

Due to the growth in demand for oil paintings, many artists are in the process of reproducing oil paintings. An oil painting is reproduced on receipt of an order and is finally dispatched to the customer after its completion. Oil painting is one of the oldest forms of art and its immense popularity can be attributed to the age-old masterpieces created by the likes of Leonardo da vinci, Raphel, Paul Gauguin, Vincent van Gogh and many other great painters. Possessing these creations is expensive and sometimes an impossible wish, which has been made possible and affordable by the range of Oil Painting Reproduction services offered by some gifted artists of the present age.

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