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  • 93.04.09: Seven Famous African-American Masters of American Art
    One black painter, Alexander Pickhil of New Orleans, destroyed nearly all his work in ... Augusta Savage was a world-famous African-American sculptor. ...
  • Great African American Artists - MSN Encarta
    You can learn more about these and hundreds of other famous black Americans in Encarta ... Among her students were painters Jacob Lawrence and Norman Lewis. ...
  • Black-figure pottery - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    2.1 Famous black-figure potters. 3 See also; 4 External links; 5 References ... Only a few painters are known by name, though many black-figure vases have ...
  • African Americans in the Visual Arts: A Historical Perspective
    That famous scene shows Phillis with a quill pen writing at her desk in colonial ... "A canvas in black: Two pioneering painters who broke through the color ...
  • black-figure pottery: Information from
    Only a few painters are known by name, though many black-figure vases have been grouped on the basis of painting style and ... Famous black-figure potters ...
  • WebMuseum: Whistler, James Abbott McNeill
    Image Arrangement in Grey and Black: Portrait of the Painter's Mother ... During the early 1870s he painted his famous "Nocturne" series, ...
  • Disinfotainment: January 2005 Archives
    It was amazing seeing the development of his work over his career, first with brightly colored, playful paintings, gradually shifting to his famous "black ...
  • African American Visual Arts
    ... Gallery includes works by the famous African American painters: John Biggers, ... Black Mirages - high quality black-and-white photographs of beautiful ...
  • Jacob Lawrence, Foremost American Painter
    It has been said that the paintings of Jacob Lawrence "have a way of ... In 1946, Lawrence taught with Josef Albers at the famous Black Mountain College. ...

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    Caring for your painting will ensure its longevity. There are preventative measures that can and should be taken when owning an oil painting. Oils are one of the most sensitive means of artistic media, and damages are common. Handling of the artwork, changes in temperature, lighting, hanging, and storage can all cause different types of damage, including:? The cracking of paint,? Distortions of the canvas,? Fading and discoloration of the paintingHandling of the artwork too often will inevitably cause damage, so be certain to take...


    Famous Black Painters News:

    Focus on Framing: Choosing the Right Frame (American Artist)
    Wed, 03 Jan 2007 00:05:08 GMT
    One framer remembers an artist who intended to encase his canvases for an upcoming exhibition in frames he had salvaged from neighborhood trash cans.

    Events as they happened (Tallahassee Democrat)
    Tue, 02 Jan 2007 22:38:12 GMT
    Lt. Gov. Jeff Kottkamp had a moment during Tuesday's inaugural events to reflect as he tried to restore shoes to his squirming 2-year-old son. "You just get a certain sense of history when you're here," he said on the front lawn of the Governor's Mansion, as Gov. Charlie Crist stepped out to greet a throng of well-wishers. "We spent the time before we went on the dais (for the swearing-in) inside ...

    Floral tributes (Guardian Unlimited)
    Fri, 29 Dec 2006 23:59:29 GMT
    Some of the most famous flower painters offer us, when it comes down to it, rather little information about the flowers they so often paint.

    Legends, leaders, and legacies: The year in farewells (Boston Globe)
    Mon, 01 Jan 2007 08:47:19 GMT
    At the close of a year fraught with political conflict and cultural fragmentation, Americans were touched by the deaths of two iconic figures, one hailed for restoring decency and civility to national politics, the other for imbuing pop music with a propulsive beat that cut across genres and generations.

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