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    Monets and Oil Paintings Highlights:
    Handling your oil paintings: Unframed oil painting reproductions or original oil painting should be handled as little as possible and when oil painting reproductions or oil paintings must be handled, ensure that your hands are washed beforehand and are free of grease or lotions. Never lift your unframed oil painting reproduction (not on a stretcher frame) with bare fingers by the edges or touch the surface. Wear gloves, use tissue paper, or lift from beneath using cardboard to support and hold the cardboard, not the...
    Magnificent oil paintings always add an extra spark of elegance to the overall ambience. Good paintings go a long way in defining the character of a specific place and add a certain amount of style and distinctiveness to it. Art lovers crave to possess and display the original oil painting masterpieces as a part of their lifestyle, but many of them are unable to do so. Original oil paintings are difficult to acquire and most are not even available for sale. It is only through...



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