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    Explores the lives and artwork of a selection of famous painters in art history.
  • Famous Painters and Art History -
    Links to profiles of famous painters, popular painter quotes, and articles.
  • Painter Index - WebMuseum
    Features biographies and artwork images by important painters in the history of fine art.
  • Dana Irving Home Page, Artist, Painter, Musician, Vancouver, BC
    Company with expertise in all aspects of decorative painting including faux finishes, trompe l'oeil, complex stenciling, gilding, and large scale mural production. ...
  • Famous Painters
    Masterpieces of the greatest painters of all time ... Know by heart the famous painters, their works, their styles, nationalities and when they lived. ...
  • Famous Painters | Online Library
    Research famous painters at the Questia. ... Books and Articles on: Famous Painters. as selected by Questia ... books and articles on famous painters ...
  • Famous Spanish & Hispanic Painters : Diego Rivera ...
    Know the Hispanic and the Spanish culture through the most famous painters ... Rivera painted in Mexico made him so famous that he became not only the leader ...

    Monets and Oil Paintings Highlights:

    Magnificent oil paintings always add an extra spark of elegance to the overall ambience. Good paintings go a long way in defining the character of a specific place and add a certain amount of style and distinctiveness to it. Art lovers crave to possess and display the original oil painting masterpieces as a part of their lifestyle, but many of them are unable to do so. Original oil paintings are difficult to acquire and most are not even available for sale. It is only through...


    Famous Painters News:

    If only these walls could talk (Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune)
    Tue, 02 Jan 2007 22:40:21 GMT
    Three years ago, in "Disarmed," journalist and former Texas Monthly editor Gregory Curtis told the story of the Venus de Milo, perhaps the most famous statue from all of antiquity. Now, in "The Cave Painters" (Knopf, ), he dives deeper into the past to examine the most mysterious works in the Western canon: the cave paintings of southern France and northern Spain. As in "Disarmed," Curtis ...

    Focus on Framing: Choosing the Right Frame (American Artist)
    Wed, 03 Jan 2007 00:05:08 GMT
    One framer remembers an artist who intended to encase his canvases for an upcoming exhibition in frames he had salvaged from neighborhood trash cans.

    Events as they happened (Tallahassee Democrat)
    Tue, 02 Jan 2007 22:38:12 GMT
    Lt. Gov. Jeff Kottkamp had a moment during Tuesday's inaugural events to reflect as he tried to restore shoes to his squirming 2-year-old son. "You just get a certain sense of history when you're here," he said on the front lawn of the Governor's Mansion, as Gov. Charlie Crist stepped out to greet a throng of well-wishers. "We spent the time before we went on the dais (for the swearing-in) inside ...

    Floral tributes (Guardian Unlimited)
    Fri, 29 Dec 2006 23:59:29 GMT
    Some of the most famous flower painters offer us, when it comes down to it, rather little information about the flowers they so often paint.

    Legends, leaders, and legacies: The year in farewells (Boston Globe)
    Mon, 01 Jan 2007 08:47:19 GMT
    At the close of a year fraught with political conflict and cultural fragmentation, Americans were touched by the deaths of two iconic figures, one hailed for restoring decency and civility to national politics, the other for imbuing pop music with a propulsive beat that cut across genres and generations.

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